World’s First HNB Device with Stick Eject System Launched in China

NEW YORK--(뉴스와이어) 2019년 09월 16일 -- Heat-Not-Burn device users are known to have two hassles: to clean the device and the accidental damage of the heating blades while removing tobacco sticks. Encouragingly, a Chinese company Shenzhen Royal Tobacco Industrial Limited (“Royal Tobacco”), partnered with China Tobacco Corporation and Tsinghua University, brings to market an interesting product - ELIO, the first HNB device equipped with an automatic tobacco stick eject system (SES).

With ELIO’s leading SES, tobacco sticks can be automatically separated and ejected from heating devices, significantly improving user experience and device durability.

In recent years, HNB products have been widely accepted as a promising alternative to traditional tobacco products in terms of reduction in harmful substances, especially tar. While industry giants invest heavily in R&D and competition becomes increasingly fierce, Royal Tobacco has made a shining debut with the first automated HNB device.

Founded in 2017, Royal Tobacco is dedicated to become an automation expert within the HNB industry. The company now owns over 100 patents in this field and its founding members are from leading academic institutions including Tsinghua University, MIT and Yale. The company has a manufacturing plant of 30,000 sq. ft located in Shenzhen (The E-cig Capital of the World) to offer best-in-class quality.

In addition to HNB devices under the brand name ELIO, Royal Tobacco also invented a series of automatic cleaners for HNB devices. It plans to launch new e-cigarettes and e-liquids under the brand name “VNB”. It currently serves the Europe and Asia markets.

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